Bill Wall Custom Bracelets

All BWL Malibu™ Bracelets are custom-made to order. Limited edition models may be discontinued without notice. Bracelets are sized so the smallest (6") will fit most women, and the middle size (7.25") will fit most men.

Custom Hinged Bangle
B592- Chain Link w-Wolf
B593- 2 Wolfs w-Ring & Chain Link
B591 - Wave Hinged Bangle
B588 | SMALL HAMMERED Boatlink Bracelet
B589-LG | WIDE GRAFFITI Bangle - Large
B589-MED | WIDE GRAFFITI Bangle - Med
B589-SM | WIDE GRAFFITI Bangle - Sm
B590 Hoshi Star U-Joint ML
B571 Bracelet | U-Joint Smooth Link / Horse Link Alternate Bracelet
B572 - Alternate Bracelet
B573 Large Boat Link / Large Immortal Cross Link Bracelet
B564 - Large Boatlink - Graffiti Link Bracelet
B565-Lg Boatlink Bracelet
B566-Lg Boatlink-Maltese Cross Bracelet
B567_DOG - Animal Head Cable Bangle Bracelet with Dog Head
B567_PANTHER - Animal Head Cable Bangle Bracelet with Panther Head
B567_SKULL - Animal Head Cable Bangle Bracelet with Skull Head
B567_LION - Animal Head Cable Bangle Bracelet with Lion Head
B567_HORSE - Animal Head Cable Bangle Bracelet with Horse Head
B568 - Immortal Cross Link Bracelet w/Bent Cross T-Bar
B569 - Immortal Cross /Mixed Link Bracelet w/Skull T-Bar
B570 - Immortal Cross / Good luck Skull Bracelet w/Skull T-Bar
Wing Bracelets
Double Skull Bracelet
Dollar Sign Bracelet
Peace Sign Bracelet
Skull & Cross Bones Bracelet
Small Skull Bracelet
BWL Skull Chain Vintage Bracelet
BWL Skull Vintage Bracelet
Mid-Star Boat Link Bracelet
Malibu ID Bracelet
New Hide Link
U-Joint Bangle
Horse Hide Link Bracelet
I.D. Bracelet
Ball Chain Bracelet
Men's Bangle
Women's Bangle
18k Chain Bracelet
Half Skull Chain Bracelet
Half Skull Bracelet
Mini Dog Head w/C Cross Bracelet
Mid Good Luck Skull Bracelet
Dog Head Bangle
Mid Good Luck Skull/Chain Bracelet
Skull Chain Bracelet
Chain Bracelet
Good Luck Skull Bangle
Good Luck Skull w/ "C" Cross
Hide Bracelet
Baby Skull Bracelet Ltd.
Baby Skull/Mid Star Ltd.
Mini Cross Bracelet
U-Joint Smooth/Wave Custom Bracelet
U-Joint Wave Custom Bracelet
Mini U-Joint Smooth Custom Bracelet
Mid Smooth Bracelet Ltd.
Mid Star Bracelet Ltd.
Mini U-Joint Bracelet w/Holes
Mini "C" Cross Ltd.
Mid Wave Bracelet
Leather Braided Bracelet
Leather Braided w/Skull Beads
Leather Braided w/Cross Beads
Dragon Bracelet
Lion Bangle
Dog Head Hide Bracelet
Dragon Hide Link Bracelet
Leather Braided Panther Head Bracelet
All In One Multi Link Bracelet
Hinged Skull Bracelet
Smooth U-Joint Bracelet

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